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Mrs.Vaishali started her career giving home service in 1997.She worked for her children and for livelihood. Struggle was the only companion throughout her journey. From a simple beautician to professional makeup artist, not a single day she stopped working. There were many hurdles but without even pausing for a second she overcome all difficulties. She started learning every bit of beauty in detail. On 2008, she went to learn Makeup and Hair from one of renowned makeup artist Sanjay Thakkar. She always believed that a person is incomplete without complete education. She continued her education from Bharat & Dorris. She completed her masters from Makeup Studio and lastly she did professional Makeup and Hairstyling course from Marvie Ann Beck. Having immense knowledge, she thought of couching a new concept in Baroda. A Beauty Salon + A Bridal Studio= Beauty & Bridal Studiolon.
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